Having a constant update on terms of design, of new technological applications and materials combined with our many years of experience and knowledge, we create unique spaces that meet the modern, personal and professional requirements.

✓  Residence. «Tell me how’s your home and I’ll tell you what kind of character you are»
Our goal is to create spaces that are based on the character and the needs of each owner. Spaces with personality and identity not independent but interrelated with the one of the owner.

✓  Professional spaces. «You should be happy to work»
According to the professional profile of each company or each businessman, we design spaces and furniture that would enhance productivity, stimulate creativity and at the same time improve everyday life.

Places of eating and entertainment.
Focused on targeted design in order to make them act as a magnet.

Key points are:
A) The inspired design of the space, by combining with absolute balance, functionality and aesthetics.
B) The careful choice of colors, textures and materials.
C) The study of the lighting system.

The design of special objects and lighting fixtures is another key point that characterizes our proposals and completing in such way the design and emphasizing the uniqueness of each space.

✓   Hotels.
Our main concern when designing and decorating tourist accommodation is to respond to the modern style of hospitality. Considering the international developments in the field of hotel design and studying the needs of modern tourism, we create special spaces adapted to every need, spaces that match harmonically with the surrounding environment. The idea of using the local characteristics as a springboard, the design is transformed into an experience that imprints on every visitor. An experience worthy of sharing after each stay!

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