Our extensive experience in the design and construction of exhibition stands in combination with the reputable network of our collaborators enables us to provide a complete package of services essential to any successful exhibition participation.

Corporate identity, the exhibited product and interactive collaboration with each of our clients act as a driving force, that generates original and unique design solutions, adapted to each budget.

What makes us different…

We actively seek to understand your needs, but above all, the needs and interest of your clients. In this way we ensure the success of your participation in the exhibition.

Our methodology..

Step 1: Communication

Understanding of your goals and needs, as well as those of your clients.

Step 2: Design

Development of design plans adapted to the corporate’s identity and optimization of efficiency.

Step 3: Implementation

Construction of the exhibition stand, with emphasis on the detail.

Step 4: Achievement of the goal

Your dynamic and effective presence in the exhibition.

For us in Kaput Design every exhibition is unique.

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