The 360° view apartment - Kaput
The 360° view apartment
The 360° view apartment_main

The design focuses on a duplex apartment situated in a multi-story building in Pylaia, Thessaloniki. The 4th floor encompasses the bedrooms and an office, while directly above, on the attic level, you’ll find the living room, kitchen, and dining area. A terrace extends from the living room, adorned with a pergola and offering panoramic city views. This outdoor space accommodates a pool and seating area, creating a harmonious blend with the lower-level living area that faces the scenic view, complemented by an outdoor fireplace.

Within the interior of the residence, between the living room and dining area, a construction with a three-sided fireplace and an integrated cellar dominates, thus unifying the space. Similarly, in the 70 sq.m. master bedroom, a double-sided fireplace takes center stage, framing a free-standing bed on the front side and a free-standing bathtub on the rear side. The scene in the master bedroom is complemented by the glass wardrobe and the sauna. Finally, the office, visible upon entering the floor, features transparency, separated by a glass partition from the rest of the space. The design, both inside and outside the residence, follows simple lines with earthy tones and luxurious materials, with wood adding warmth to the areas where it is used. The same philosophy guides the design of the entrance to the building, where minimalism and natural materials (wood) are harmoniously combined.

Client : Private
Area : Pylaia_Thessaloniki
Year : 2022
Services : Interior design / Landscape design
SQ.M. : Residence: 205// Landscape: 80