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Balkan Gate
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Balkan Gate is the largest data center in the Balkans. Its design could not but state it clearly. Dynamic and imposing. Introvert and extrovert at the same time. Introvert because it surrounds and organizes all its functions in a generally minimal and industrial composition. Extrovert, because it captures its own constitution on the façade thanks to the custom panels, where the binary arithmetic is projected. In a way, the inside becomes outside and vice versa. This way, the boundaries are lost, just as they are created. An endless fluidity is born in the building – which is also outlined by the linear lighting in combination with the general monochromy – just as it happens with the huge amount of data that is stored and circulated.

Client : Balkan Gate
Area : Kalochori_Thessaloniki
Year : 2023
Services : Interior design / Exterior design
SQ.M. : 12.000