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Clippers Barber Shop
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In a narrow street in Ladadika, there is a barbershop that stands out from the rest. It is situated in a elongated ground-floor space with evident stone walls, brick, and some metallic elements. This already transports you to the Thessaloniki of the past. Integrated into the design are constructions that serve the functions of the establishment without altering its architectural character. Upon entering the store, one encounters the reception on the right, leading to the interior where the workspace is located.

The reception is the only area featuring curved elements, engaging with the arches in the stone walls and accommodating either product displays or waiting areas. In the background, free constructions with suspended mirrors start from the ceiling and reach the floor without touching the stone walls, framing them. The design and modern lines of the special constructions and artistic elements created under our supervision seamlessly integrate and highlight the traditional architecture of the building through the lens of a contemporary aesthetic.

Carefully selected colors create a balance between the cool tones of blue and the warm shades of terracotta. The lighting, meticulously designed, imparts a theatrical atmosphere while fully meeting the functional needs of the space. At Clippers barbers, we have created more than a simple hairdressing space; we have crafted a true experience—a space that combines freshness and youthfulness with refined interior design.

Client : Clippers Barber Shop
Visual Artist : Apset
Photographer: Christos Antoniou
Area :  Ladadika_Thessaloniki
Year : 2023
Services : Interior design
SQ.M. : 50