The 360° View Apartment


The current project is about a two- storey apartment in a block of flats in Pylaia of Thessaloniki. On the 4th floor you can find the bedrooms and an office, while above, at the final level, the living room,the kitchen and the dining area. Outside the living room, sprawls a big balcony with a concrete pergola, a swimming pool, an outdoor living room and a great 360° view of the city. The outdoor living room is situated in a lower level and is orientated towards the view, while it also has a fireplace. In the interior, between the living area and the dining area, a 3 sided fireplace with an incorporated wine- storage structure prevails and simultaneously unifies the space. Correspondingly, in the 70 sq.m. master bedroom, a two sided fireplace dominates, while creating a frame for the bed on the front side and a free standing bathtub on the back side. The final picture of the master bedroom is completed with a walk-in closet made of glass and a hamam. Finally, the office, which someone faces when entering the apartment on the 4th floor, can be characterised as “transparent”, as it is seperated from the entryway with a glass wall. The design of both the interior and the exterior of the residence is simple and minimal with neutral colours and luxurious materials, while the wood used, gives a warm feeling. The same principles are followed in the design of the entrance of the block of flats, where minimalism and natural materials (such as wood), are combined harmonically.

  • YEAR2022
  • SERVICESinterior design / exterior design
  • SQ.M. INTERIOR: 205 // EXTERIOR: 85
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