Cure4You - Kaput

The present study concerns the design of a modern pharmacy in the city of Giannitsa with the aim of creating a space that combines functionality with aesthetics and playfulness through clever design solutions. A fundamental requirement was for the design to effectively guide the visitor through the space while incorporating an element of surprise. The main area of the pharmacy extends to the ground floor and has been designed in a way that facilitates the classification and placement of products in groups, making it easy for the visitor to navigate the space. Individual elements are carefully selected and positioned to direct the visitor to points of interest and enhance the functionality of the space.

A characteristic example is the construction with the hot air balloon that accommodates children’s products, capturing the visitor’s eye and enticing them to explore a space that would otherwise be lost in the depth of the pharmacy. A pharmacy that is now connected to the concepts of health, well-being, and harmony, addressing all age groups. This is reinforced by the placement of the moss wall (stabilized moss) on the wall, bringing the element of nature into the space, as well as the wooden finishes that, in combination with white, create a serene environment.

Ascending to the loft, one finds the product testing area for skincare, designed in simple lines and earthy colors, giving a sense of tranquility and relaxation. This study stands out with the design of the logo, ‘cure 4 you’, which graphically “plays” with the cross and is strategically placed, enhancing the image and brand of the pharmacy. At the same time, it indicates the intention to personalize the needs of each customer individually.

Client : Cure4You
Area : Giannitsa
Year : 2018
Services : Interior design / Exterior design / Logo creation
SQ.M. : 150

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