Χώροι Γραφείων

The basic design lines for the offices of HB BODY refer, firstly, to the new required needs of the company. Needs that have been raised from the long company’s activity in Greece as well as abroad, along with the contemporary perceptions of workspaces’ design. Moreover the empower of the new brand identity, which is applied in the central areas of the building, has also given another design principle. The dynamic aesthetics of the reception area, along with the patio and the water element, welcome the visitor in a beyond familiar environment. Sound-absorbing surfaces that have been hanged from the ceiling, besides their sound-absorbing role, also define uses and movements into the space. The colors underline the identity of the company through touches on walls and on furniture, while the lighting, in some cases, enhances the natural light in the workplaces and sometimes it emphasizes the details. Depending on the needs, different solutions are applied in the office spaces, which, in general terms, follow minimalist aesthetics of colors and textures, combining neutral color tones with wooden surfaces. The woven vinyl floor unifies all the spaces to which is applied while at the same time, it completes the materials’ palette

  • YEAR2020
  • SERVICESinterior design
  • S.Μ.350
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