Residence with attic in Ilioupoli Thessaloniki


Designing this residence was a particular challenge as we were tasked to design for the present while keeping an eye on the future. To that end this proposal was designed in a way that elements both classic and contemporary are combined. Infused with the owner’s personal style, a bold and eclectic mix of colours and moods encompasses the space. One of the space’s main features is the double-height of the living room which led to an open plan approach for allowing for comfortable, uninterrupted views between it and the kitchen. The dining area, with its different chairs, also functions as an at-home office and is placed in a way that allows it to see into the living room with the yellow sectional and beyond that, the fireplace and the distinctive bookcase with a ladder that simultaneously take advantage of and accentuate the high ceiling. A collection of wall art frame the entirety of this main space and complete the design. Similarly, the master bedroom is governed by a pop-retro style with colour taking centre stage, as is the bathroom. As far as the attic is concerned, it was designed so as to predict and meet the needs of an entire family. The end result leaves the user with a sense of warm familiarity while the design details disrupt the mundanity of daily life.

  • clientprivate
  • YEAR2021
  • SERVICESinterior design
  • SQ.M.98
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