This project concerns the design and decoration of a kindergarten in Komotini. The aim was to create a hospitable and cheerful space that would appeal to the imagination and match the temperament of little kids, while at the same time would cover the needs for playing and learning. The rooms have intense colors and distinct constructions, inspired mainly by children’s toys, giving in such way a touch of joy and creativity. A typical example is the ‘tetris’ library, the ‘hopscotch’ game on the floor, as well as the idea of sky motifs on the roof, which gives a lovely vividness to the room. The design has been completed with the configuration of the exterior space, where the floor has been designed as a piano and the building facade has been decorated with a thematic composition.

  • ClientAnesti Sophia
  • AreaΚomotini
  • Year2017
  • Servicesinterior/exterior design/logo creation
  • sq.m.50

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