Mongo Asian Food

Asian Food

Arriving at the Mongo restaurant in Evosmos, one may notice that here Chinese culture and cuisine dominates. The facade of the building, which is designed with only windows and-doors, invites the visitor on a journey of senses and tastes. The representation on the right wall, along with the patterns and the details, inspired by the local Chinese culture, blends harmoniously with the colors and the graphics, which are the characteristics of the MONGO ASIAN FOOD restaurant chain. The lightings, as well as the entire design features of the service counter, are special constructions for this specific project, in order to show off the design and create an atmosphere of traveling among the flavors.

  • ClientΖafeiris Mantas
  • AreaΕvosmos, Thessaloniki
  • Year2018
  • Servicesinterior / exterior design
  • sq.m.120
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