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The focus of the design was to create a workspace that is simple, fresh, and contemporary, inspiring both employees and visitors.

As the visitor enters the ground floor space, they are welcomed with a lot of extroversion in the meeting area. It features an impressive meeting table, a curved structure for the TV behind it, and a versatile construction that combines a sitting area, a casper, and storage. The vinyl floor, the technique on the wall, and the overall color palette range in earthy tones in combination with the warm material of wood. The company’s logo color is incorporated as a finishing touch in various custom constructions and fabrics to add character and identity to the space. The same approach is followed in the workspaces on the ground floor and the first floor, as well as in the two executive offices, where the digital prints used were also chosen based on the company’s colors.

As a result, a very bright, modern, and dynamic workspace was created, ready to meet the demands of the modern market without losing its timeless character.

Client : Mr. Croquette
Area :  Neochorouda_Thessaloniki
Year : 2022
Services : Interior design
SQ.M. : 150