The concept for the design of this project has been based on the need to redefine the concept of “street food” by providing a place to sit and enjoy food in a particularly warm and friendly environment. The bar, besides its main role as the food preparation point, is also the meeting and enjoyment point of the restaurant’s special cuisine. The raw concrete in combination with the mosaic and the wood preserve the character of the restaurant. The design of the lightnings matches perfectly with the space and emphasizes the idea of ​​the nest, which, after all, is also the very name the restaurant. Two large frames hanged on the ground floor’s wall, invite the visitor on a tasting journey among the dishes that decorate the kitchen area. On the upper floor, a sofa and a particular tapestry create a different atmosphere from that on the ground floor, which fulfills every need for relaxation and fun.

  • AreaThessaloniki
  • Year2019
  • Servicesinterior
  • S.M.70
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