This study’s purpose is the redesign of the Tettix offices in the new building that were to be moved. On the ground floor will be placed the general offices as well as the secretariat / accounting service, while on the second floor will be the rest offices and the meeting area. For the division of space, on the ground floor, we place the reception furniture, while on the first floor we use glass frames. The basic color palette is inspired by the shades of a light-colored wood and the colors of the company‘s logo. A nice example could the meeting room, where the custom-made furniture create an imaginary “T” from top view. Additional inspiration was drawn from the creative company’s logo and specifically from the random diagonals, which were imprinted both graphically and by design with the bright engravings on the furniture of the reception. In other areas, we decided to keep and maintain the existing red visible bricks and highlight it with green tones in order to underline company’s brand.

  • ClientΤΕΤΤΙΧ
  • AreaSindos_Thessaloniki
  • Year2020
  • Servicesinterior design
  • Sq.M.140
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