Palaplast - Kaput

The creation of a familiar, pleasant, and employee-friendly space, where daily work is perceived as joy and satisfaction, was a fundamental goal in the design of Palaplast’s offices. This was achieved by organizing the layout in such a way that light can freely diffuse, and there is visual contact between offices through the use of glass partitions. However, exceptions are made for meeting rooms and utility spaces, which follow a more inward-oriented design.

With this approach, both the main building and the Research & Development building are organized, combining introspection and extroversion, enclosed and open, privacy and interpersonal contact, creating a play in composition, as the layout becomes open-plan only where needed. The presence of plants and printed botanical patterns in workspaces is also pronounced, contributing to the calmness and concentration of employees.

As a final result, bright, comfortable, and pleasant spaces are created that inspire creativity and collaboration, while simultaneously highlighting the company’s prestige and dynamism.

Finally, the use of high-quality materials, vinyl flooring, and the chosen color tones contribute to achieving the above goals: to transform the workspace into a place where employees can discover their creativity every day.

Client : Palaplast
Area : Thessaloniki
Year : 2021
Services : Interior design
SQ.M. : 585