Pediatric Ophthalmology Center of Greece

This particular project concerns the design and decoration of the Pediatric Ophthalmology Center of Greece, located in the center of Thessaloniki. Our goal was to create a playful atmosphere that would transform a simple waiting area into a creative, joyful and imaginative place for both children and adult guests. Vivid, cheerful colors on the walls and the furniture, combined with special lighting fixtures, become the palette for the imagination of our young friends. Last but not least, a particular design touch constitutes the central construction, made of plywood, which it has a double function, since on the one hand it seperates the waiting area from the reception and on the other hand it becomes a special spot of playing.

  • ClientΝikos Kozeis
  • AreaThessaloniki
  • Year2019
  • Servicesinterior design
  • 160 sq.m.
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