This specific project concerns the design of a contemporary pharmacy store in the town of Giannitsa, aiming to create a space that combines functionality and aesthetics through smart design solutions. A basic pre-requisite was that the design would work as an effective orientation tool for the visitor inside the space, while at the same time there would be a hint of surprise. The main area of the pharmacy lies on the ground floor and is designed in a way that it would be easy to sort and place products into groups, in order to help the visitor moving around. The rest elements are chosen and placed carefully in a way that leads the visitor to the points of interest and improve in such way the functionality of the space. A characteristic example is the construction of the air balloon, where the consumer could find products for kids. Having this wonderful construction in the background we make this area visible and interesting and we invite the visitor to explore a space, that otherwise would have been lost in the depths of the pharmacy. Moreover, this pharmacy is now linked to the concepts of health, well-being and harmony and may appeal to the tastes of all ages. This is also emphasized by the placement of the moss wall which express the presence of the nature in the space as well as by the wooden surfaces that in combination with the white color, create a calm environment. Moving on to the loft, one finds the testing area of care products, designed in simple lines and earthy colors, giving a sense of serenity and relaxation. Another innovative design is that of the ‘cure 4 you’ logo, which graphically “plays” with the cross and is placed at the key points of the facades, enhancing the presence and the brand of the pharmacy. At the same time it indicates the intention to personalize each client’s needs.

  • clientDimitris Soubasis
  • AreaGiannitsa
  • Year2018
  • Servicesinterior/exterior design/logo creation
  • Sq.M.150
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