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Play room in Porto Heli
Play room in Porto Heli_main

A unique project that posed a significant design challenge. The design involves an underground playroom in Porto Heli, combining a home cinema, a billiards area, a wine cellar, and a gym. The goal was to create something impressive, practical, versatile, and with a playful spirit, fitting the context!

Upon entering the space, you encounter the billiards area, which seamlessly integrates with the home cinema space through a specially designed dual-purpose sofa, meaning it is designed to offer seating on both sides. Essentially, this sofa is one of the key elements of the design, emphasized by the flex light on the ceiling, precisely following the sofa’s shape. In the home cinema area, a sturdy unified structure was designed, painted with a technique similar to the wall, creating a cohesive look. The table in the middle consists of individual pieces, some covered in fabric, and others with wooden surfaces that can be used as stools, tables, or storage spaces. Result? One can use them as stools, tables, or storage spaces. Finally, a yellow hanging swing from the ceiling comes to grab attention and make you recall the child within you.

In the gym area, which is separated by a ramp from the rest of the space, a design with the same aesthetics as the home cinema area is found. Its curvature creates an ideal embrace for yoga. In the center of this embrace, there is a bright screen with plant motifs and kites, intensifying the sense of calm and tranquility.

On the left, upon entering the space, is the wine cellar. While its overall composition and furniture choice make it impressive and serious, it also gives off cheerful notes, much like the rest of the space.

Finally, we were tasked with redesigning the bathrooms of the residence, and our aim was to maintain the same mood, using different colors for each. The climax is the imposing large ground-floor bathroom, with a free-standing bathtub dominating the center, complemented by the intriguing tile selection and the impressive piece of furniture with two mirrors and two built-in sinks made of Corian.

Client : Private
Area : Porto Heli_Peloponnese
Year : 2022
Services : Interior design
SQ.M. : 135