Sleek luxury of a residence in Samos


This project concerns the design of a 100sq.m residence on the island of Samos. Earthy materials, colors and textures comprise the palette of what we used to design in this particular home. A central composition made of wood and marble, defines the necessary space for the living room and dining area, without dividing them, having the fireplace in a prime position. The warm feeling that gives in the room the wooden floor combined with the forged cement and the system of hidden lights complete the aesthetics of the space, giving to it a simple luxury. The sofas and armchairs in the living room surround the fireplace, while someone could freely enjoy the view of Samos’ landscape. Based on the same design axes, we have given to the bedroom and the bathrooms the proper design touch, creating a minimalist yet intimate atmosphere of an all day-long sense of relaxation throughout the home.

  • ClientΙndividual
  • AreaSamos
  • Year2019
  • Servicesinterior
  • sq.m.100 τ.μ.
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