Residence in the suburbs of Thessaloniki


The present project presents the design and decoration of a residence in Thessaloniki. The obvious need of our client for comfort, has led to the creation of a proposal of spaces with intense aesthetics, and discreet border lines. The living room, with the large corner sofa and the remarkable composition of the fireplace, extends to the dining room, which in turn lies next to the kitchen. Techniques such as the forged cement on the wall, hidden lights and the impressive wallpaper, give a modern and at the same time sophisticated character to the space. The same aesthetics we may notice also in the bedroom, where the imposing composition of the bed has the principal role. Finally, the bathroom answers to the need for large, comfortable spaces, with light modern design touches.

  • ClientIndividual
  • AreaThessaloniki
  • Year2019
  • ServicesInterior
  • 100 sq.m.
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