Sourtouko - Kaput

The “Sourtouko” is among the top preferences on Trip Advisor – and rightfully so – to experience very tasty and flavorful moments. It constitutes the new spot in Ladadika, in an environment that blends in while simultaneously distinguishes itself from the style of the area. When you are there, you get the impression that you are sitting in an open space, like a courtyard with colorful details, such as hanging gardens and vibrant seats. The dominant color in the space is gray, creating a subtle background that frames the structures and directs the visitor’s gaze to specific points, namely the open kitchen, the double height of the space with traditional motifs, and the neighborhood of Ladadika. Choices like the wooden floor and pastel colors in the metal constructions quickly create a sense of familiarity and relaxation for flavorful journeys.

Client : Sourtouko
Area : Ladadika_Thessaloniki
Year : 2019
Services : Interior design
SQ.M. : 120