Sourtoukw lies among the top Trip Advisor’s  options – and not unjustly –  in order to to live delicious and tasteful experiences. It is the new hangout spot of the Ladadika district, in a space that is harmonized and at the same time different from the style of the surrounding area. While one is hanging out there, has the impression that he may sit in an open space, like a courtyard with colorful details, such as the hanging gardens and the colorful chairs. The grey color gives a distinctive background for the entire space, while creates a frame to the constructions and directs the visitor’s eye to specific points; the open kitchen, the double height of the space with the traditional motifs and the neighborhood of Ladadika district. Material choices such as the wood flooring and the pastel colors in metal structures, quickly create a sense of familiarity and relaxation for tasteful trips.

  • ClientSourtoukw
  • AreaLadadika, Thessaloniki
  • Year2019
  • Servicesinterior
  • S.M.120
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