Stohos Food


This specific project concerns the design and decoration of the offices of Stohos Foods company in the industrial area of Lakkoma, in Halkidiki, a space of 350sq.m. in total area.
As one may understand when visiting the offices, our basic design principles were straight lines and the simplicity in the combination of materials. In particular, the main entrance configuration prefigures the general sense of the overall design, and is reproduced on two main axes; an impressive wooden surface in the background and an imposing, linear reception furniture in front. Textures and colors complete the balance and aesthetics of the space. Focusing more on the project’s interior, the basic source of inspiration and creativity was the company’s logo itself, the target (or, one may say, the circle), a dynamic shape both in terms of its unique character and the potential of a reference approach. Having this idea in mind, we placed the meeting room in the center of the floor plan as a separate and free space of particular aesthetics, which is nevertheless, fully integrated into the overall set and at the same time capable of preserving its privacy if necessary.
Particular attention has been given to the exterior surface of the one and only wall of the meeting room, by creating a special construction that directly refers to the target element and therefore is placed centrally, crossing thus every movement throughout the offices. By adding plenty of light to the background and by taking advantage of the successive folds, we have achieved an impressive highlight of the wood lining, a material that is highly appealing throughout the design, imparting a warm character. Its combination with metal surfaces in appealing modern lines underlines the mood for a minimal design proposal.
Finally, the design approach of each office room individually is of great interest, since particular attention has been paid to the uniqueness and needs of each user individually, while in general terms they follow an excellent sequence. Forms, textures and colors emphasize the distinctive character and maintain a sense of comfort and harmony.

  • ClientLeontzinis Manolis
  • AreaChalkidiki
  • Year2018
  • Servicesinterior design
  • 350 sq.m.
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