The design of this particular restaurant was defined by the owner’s desire to draw the concept from the critically-acclaimed movie ‘Goodfellas’. With this as a jumping-off point the space was designed following brutalist urban industrial design principles, achieved through the revelation of the construction materials such as the raw concrete and brick tiles adorning the walls, combined with the timber and metal elements. The open plan kitchen and the immediate contact it allows between the prep area and the customer reinforces this effort. The two graffiti on either side of the entrance are a highlight of the design proposal, one that draws the attention of visitors, even from the street. The custom-made elements, such as the bespoke design of the seating areas, create different ‘nests’ and therefore different experiences. Finally, the ‘StreetFellas’ brand, a play on the ‘Goodfellas’ movie title, helps make the restaurant into a local landmark and meeting point of Thessaloniki’s city centre.

  • Year2021
  • Servicesinterior design
  • S.M.60
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