t-secret - Kaput

Next to the center of Thessaloniki, there is a secret. Somewhere well-hidden in a narrow alley. If you discover it, you’ll want to find it again. You’ll want to encourage others to find it too. What is this secret? It’s called t-secret, located on Tantalou Street. A seven-story building with a multitude of apartments, each presenting a different perspective to the visitor. If you discover one, you’ll want to explore the next one… And then the one next to it. Multi-functional and autonomous apartments with a playful disposition, transforming a simple stay into an adventure of exploration and discovery! Colors, textures, sensations, unique and tailored constructions to meet specific needs. Common areas and gathering spaces following the same philosophy. A roof garden with a city view combining activities and gathering corners and an atmospheric multi-functional space in the basement that will make the visitor believe they are in an otherworldly place. A space where many needs can be satisfied, from exercising to communicating, to having meeting points at their disposal.

A building… many senses, many things to discover. t-secret, how much longer will it remain a secret?

Client : Private
Area : Tantalou_ Thessaloniki
Year : 2023
Services : Interior design / Exterior design
SQ.M. : 2.060