The main goal for the design of these offices was our desire to create an absolutely relaxed and friendly environment for the employees, who would say – as they actually do – that “they are happy to work in this space”. The vivid, light colors, the oak and white surfaces on the furniture as well as the elements of nature in all the spaces, strengthen the design concept and give a harmonious whole. Especially the presence of plants, even as part of the design of the desks – in the role of divider -, underlines this strong mood.

At this point, it should be emphasized that all the desks have been designed by our company exclusively for this specific study, in order to be able to cover every different need of the company in their workplace. In addition, the use of sound-absorbing panels between the desks and on the walls of the offices, completes both the design approach and the functional one.

Finally, the company’s common room fully meets the above mentioned needs. The use of vibrant colors and fabrics, of the vinyl flooring, of the bamboo elements and of course of the plants testify to the necessary sense of relaxation and calmness, for which this space is indeed intended.

  • YEAR2021
  • SERVICESinterior design & construction
  • SQ.M.115
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