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Villa in Tirana
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In the composition of this house in Tirana, there were two main elements that dictated the design approach: the prominent position of the plot atop a hill with unrestricted views and the creation of a core, around which the family activities will unfold. The house with its semi-enclosed atrium lies at the center of the design with its surroundings unfolding around it. The external configuration is organized in levels, using simple lines to always take advantage of the hill’s slope. There are corresponding relaxation points on either side of the house: at the front with an outdoor patio, dining area, a barbeque and swimming pool and the second one at the back where the view dominates enhanced by a more minimalist landscape design. The latter is mainly aimed at gatherings and children’s play.

The floor plan of the house is oriented towards the pool area. The central section houses the living room, dining room and kitchen area. The main core of the compositionis the two-way fireplace, which is visible from both the living room and the atrium, around which the family meets. Two wings running perpendicular to the main area are formed, which house the master bedroom, en-suite bathroom and walk-in closet on one side and the kids’ bedrooms on the other. The proposal also includes a basement, which combines multiple uses, with most notable among them the guest room and wine cellar.

The main wish of the customer and our goal was the harmonious combination of modern and traditional elements. This is achieved through a simple design with alternating materials. Externally, the stone prevails, which strengthens the ties with the landscape. The same stone can also be found on the inside, which, in combination with the strong presence of wood, gives off a warm, welcoming feeling. The design is complemented by furniture, which strikes a delicate balance between modern and rustic. The master bedroom wing largely follows the same style, while the children’s rooms are designed in a more playful style.

Client : Private
Area : Tirana_Albania
Year : 2021
Services : Architectural design / Interior design / Landscape design
SQ.M. : Residence: 528 // Landscape: 1512