Cafe Bar

The “WonderWall” Cafe-Bar is located in the area of Ladadika in Thessaloniki and extends over three floors and a roof garden on the terrace. Each floor has been designed with a different central idea, thus creating a pleasant sense of wandering between different levels, reminding us each time of special memories and senses, which originate from various materials, colors and textures. More specifically, on the ground floor we come across its industrial character with materials such as brick, forged cement, metal and wood, materials that are emphasized with posters, neon inscriptions and industrial-style details. Continuing the “wandering”, we move to the first level, where we have the impression that we have stepped into another era, somewhere during the 80’s. The unrolling motifs details from the floor to the walls and the gaming machines complete the desired aesthetics of this level. On the second and last floor we reach a “secret” garden, which is particularly bright thanks to the glass bricks that blend with wooden elements. Details such as the floor lawn and the barman who waits for you at the window to serve your drink create a unique experience of sensations and wanderings.

  • ClientWonderwall
  • AreaThessaloniki
  • Year2018
  • Servicesinterior/exterior design
  • sq.m.150
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