Wonderwall - Kaput

The cafe bar Wonderwall is located in Ladadika, Thessaloniki, and spans across three floors, with a rooftop garden on the terrace. Each floor has been designed with a different central concept, creating a delightful journey for the visitor between the levels. This journey evokes distinct memories and sensations each time, shaped by the different materials, colors, and textures from one level to another.

Specifically, on the ground floor, you’ll encounter an industrial character with materials such as brick, stamped cement, metal, and wood. These are complemented by posters, neon signs, and details that contribute to an industrial ambiance. Continuing the “journey,” as the name of the establishment suggests, you reach the second level, giving the impression of being in a different era, somewhere in the 1980s. Details on the floor unfold and decorate the wall, while simultaneously, arcade machines come in to complement the ceiling patterns.

On the final level, you arrive at a “secret” garden, notably bright, with the use of glass bricks alternating with wooden elements. Details like the grass carpet on the floor and the bartender waiting for you at the window to serve your drink create a unique experience of sensations and wandering.

Client : Wonderwall
Area : Ladadika_Thessaloniki
Year : 2018
Services : Interior design / Exterior design
SQ.M. : 130

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