The concept for this cafe was an inspiration emerged by the owner’s intention to serve all his products in eco-friendly and recyclable containers. Thus, the choice of materials such as the natural cement, hand-made mosaic and wood are an environmentally friendly choice, that would add naturalness and ecology sense to the space. At the main entrance, the bar reaches the boundaries of the exterior, creating a take away spot, while at the same time it gives the opportunity to have a better communication with the passing visitors. The alternation of the wooden arches on the ceiling, in combination with the pendant lamps, gives the impression of a forest of coffee trees. Finally, enhancing the brand of the store by using the colors of the logo, creates a harmonic space, making it a meeting and enjoyment point for fresh and eco-friendly coffee.

  • YEAR2019
  • SERVICESinterior design
  • SQ.M.60
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