With a name that creates strange contributions and contradictory interpretations, we have created a company at a time of redefinition and intense socio-economic changes, that has to treat the ending as a challenge for a new beginning, and use humor as a tool of creative communication with each and every client. Above all, we face our clients with intimacy as it seems that they feel, think and co-create, in a way, together with us in a two-way relationship.

In this relationship, we desire immediacy, we move on with authenticity and increased empathy, as we want to understand each situation through our clients’ glance. After this process and with our imagination, knowledge and creativity as our main tools, we meet every expectation. We treat your goals as our goals!


By following basic rules and trends in interior and exhibition design, yet also by matching concepts, such as functionality with aesthetics, innovation with timelessness, simplicity with targeted exaggeration, the Kaput Design team creates spaces with identity.

The active participation and supervision of all stages during the construction process of each project, sets the goal to meet any expectation when it comes to the final result.


KAPUT DESIGN team designs and constructs targeted.
Only for you, just for your brand, suited to you.

  • Essential communication
  • Strategic study
  • Consistent construction
  • Successful outcome

When most give ready solutions, we change the data.

Dimitris Sergentakis
Stathis Amanatidis
Interior Designer | Design Director
Giorgos Kolovos
Product Designer | Office Director
Theodoti Tsamisi